cellistBringing you into the horror of this war, where orthodox christian (Serbs) snipers surrounded the historical city gradually shooting and shelling the citizens: men, women, children, elderly (In 1991 Bosniaks muslims formed 45% of the population, followed by Eastern Orthodox Serbs with 38%, and Roman Catholic Croats with 7%.).
heros_cellestInterestingly the novel does not focus on the cellist of Sarajevo but rather the stories of three main characters circle around the cellist. The cellist witnessed the death of 22 people in a bread line and vowed to play his cello out on the street for the next 22 days as a tribute to those people.

“She hopes that the girls and the rest of the city hat e the men on the hills for the same reason she does. Because they made her hate. They started a war, saying that the people of Sarajevo hated each other, and the people fought back, saying they didn’t, that they were a city without hatred. But then the men on the hills started to kill and mutilate and destroy. Ant little by little they got what they wanted, a victory as clear as it would be if they could drive their tanks through the town. They made her and her people like her hate them.”

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